What we do

The Lake County Community Network shares in providing help to needy families and individuals in Lake County, Ohio.

  • We communicate with other public assistance programs to provide referrals to agencies most likely to respond
  • We provide emergency assistance when other agencies cannot
  • We share with other public agencies in communicating information to pastors and church leaders
  • We provide information for churches about community help lines
  • We keep a confidential record of clients helped

The process

Here is how the process works in helping individuals and families in need:

  1. Clients are referred by churches or other agencies
  2. Clients are called to gain information in the form of a complete and confidential intake
  3. The client’s need is validated and consideration is given as to how we can help
  4. Funding for client assistance comes directly from area churches, individual and/or group donations and company matches
  5. Financial assistance is sent directly to the creditor – never to the client.

Other programs

Thanksgiving and Christmas Assistance

Facilitate holiday food/gifts through churches and agencies to avoid duplication.

Taxable items program

We recycle used cell phones to pay for items such as toilet paper, laundry soap, and personal hygiene items for those in need


Matches clients with volunteer mentors help guide them   in reaching their goals